Olive Oil

Characteristics of olive oil

The types of olive oils distinguished by taste, but typically this is done using chemical markers. Standard separation is done by setting the level of peroxide and oleic acid.
We can distinguish four main categories which are:

  • -extra virgin olive oil
  • -virgin olive oil
  • -olive oil comes from a blend of refined and virgin olive oils
  • -olive oil from the olive

Extra virgin olive oil

We only extra virgin deal. Feature is the great taste and the acidity level of the oil (not to exceed 0.8%). It will also examine the amount of oleic acid (essential for human bones) as well as other features. The polyphenol level is proposed to be over 220 mg / lt, which is effective in reducing the amount of cholesterol in the blood and reduce cardiovascular events to consume pure extra virgin olive oil. As studies have shown high levels of polyphenols is mostly found in extra virgin olive oil and hazelnuts. In our oil these levels usually range from 320 mg / lt to 380 mg / lt. The peroxide should also be as low as possible. The levels of oil in linoleic and palmitic acids, which can cause cardiovascular disease, should also be measured.

Certified name origin

The legislation sets out the registered or protected designation of origin to define the origin of virgin olive oil. The name must be conscious in order to control the quality and characteristics of the product. The heritage of a place that gives the local characteristics of the product may a The Cretan virgin olive oil although present in different countries and in different forms can only be certain characteristics and impurities without altering the taste and the ingredients can be present in amounts greater than those actually produced in Crete automatically highlights the high quality and validity of the value that characterizes it. The protection of the product through the local formulation, bottling and marketing is an effort to protect the product itself and consumers primarily reaped crown loss or beneficial elements for health. The certification of the designation can protect whom aspiring usurpers of history and quality of Cretan Oil and Cretan diet.